Poker Tracker

We would recommend poker tracker as the best poker tracking software

Poker Tracker allows you to track your ring games and tournament play. You can import from any of the below sites with a click of a button. No more data entry poker tracker does it automatically.

There is a tracker that shows you which hands your starting with and what position. Poker tracker will then analyse how much you won with each hand from each position.

Poker tracker will figure out how much you make per year, per month, per week, per day per hour, per hand. You can export your data directly into your player notes files so that its listed under the people at your table.

With poker tracker you can flag the best and the worse players on the site and add them to your favourites list so you know where to find them or avoid them.

You can setup criteria and poker tracker will auto rate every player you have ever played with.

Keep track of how often players see the flop with a limp, raise, or re-raise, poketracker will do it all for you.

Poker tracker is an essential tool for anyone looking to make real money playing online poker. If you don’t use it other players who have it are already one step ahead of you.

Check for the most current version of poker tracker v4.0 here. DOWNLOAD AND TRY POKER TRACKER FOR FREE (TRY BEFORE YOU BUY)