Cutting The Veneer

Cutting the Veneer race track and playing surface

Please read the Poker Table Instructions all the way through once before you begin with the planning.

These instructions build the race track and wood for the playing surface. Mark on the Veneer what you want to be the right side and left site (#1, #2). It is also a good idea to find the same central points on the Veneer but don’t put any lines with in the first 15″ from any side.

The middle wont be seen but the outside will. Take what is now the poker table and put it face up on top of the Veneer, also face up ( nice and smooth side is the up side ). Trace a LIGHT line with a pencil.

Remove the poker table then using the blue tape, tape over the line to protect the top edge of the Veneer when you cut. It is a good idea to tape in one direction ( opposite of which you plan to cut ) and have the start of each section of tape cover the end of the last so that it wont get stuck under the saw. The first line is to show you where to put the tape, now put the poker table back on top and draw a second line on the tape so you know where to cut. Cut slowly on this line careful not to chip the top edges.

Now your going to want to determine how wide you want to build your race track. Keep in mind the first few inches will be covered by the wood of the rail, then some will be covered by your padding and then you need room on both sides of your cup holders. We wanted a 9″ Veneer You can use your central point and string to make an arc 9″ less then the outer edge or what ever works best for you. Remember, Light line first, then blue tape, then make a dark line. Repeat these instructions on the other side and connect the two sides.

It would be nice to have a small buffer zone between the race and the inner circle so if you have a thicker saw blade use that one. The wood cut away will create space for the padding and felt of the playing surface to fold around and under. Now make your cut slow to protect the top edge. Make sure you have marked both the inside and outside pieces with which side in right and left (#1, #2). Make all marks on the bottom of the veneer.

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