Don’t Miss Bets in Texas Holdem

In Texas Holdem everyone knows how to win with aces, also with a lot of patients and solid play a player can be a winning player. The next step on the way to being a great player is to get the absolute maximum amount of money out of every hand. That means betting when you think your winning by only a little. If you think the person has AQ and you have AK you want to bet your hand for the value of the hand, his call is what you would call an extra bet. The bet is Extra because most people would check the river. There are many different types of Extra Bets. Its important that you remember that your betting for value on hands that your winning by only a small amount. That means if you bet you need to be able to think of a few hands that they can call that you beat. If there is no hand they can call the river that you beat, and all hands that beat you they would call the river then its very important that you check, because there is no value in the bet. You are either winning the hand, or they are going to call and your going to lose an extra bet.

Another way to get an extra bet is by checking when you are in front of your other player. Here’s the situation: you have a hand like AQ and raised the pot pre-flop with one cold caller behind you and the blinds have folded. If the flop is small like 2-3-7 with two hearts there is a good chance you are winning the hand but don’t want them to out draw you. So you bet the flop and they call the bet. The turn is a 7 so 2-3-7-7 your hand is probably still good so you can bet again the turn we will say the river is a 4 not the flush card, so You have A Q with the flop 2-3-7-7-4 If you are going to bet the worst hand he would call you with is ace high. Because you raised before the flop the hands he is going to call you with are usually at worst A-9 or A-10 but if you bet that river usually they wont call with those hands. So you are betting hopping that they have A-J and that they call you. If they have AK they will usually call the river with that flop, AK if they were going to fold it would usually be on the turn. If they have flopped a pair or have a small pocket pair there is no way their going to fold. So as a result the river bet is a waste of your money. If you check the hand on the river they are going to bet if they have a pair, AK but they might also bet if they had missed their flush. They might also bet because they think you have nothing and plan to fold. So by checking you are off setting the losing hands with the chance they are going to bluff at the pot. Any time you find that if you bet they will only call with a hand better than yours. And they wont fold any hand that is better than yours. You should always check and possibly call to catch them in their bluff. Be very careful you don’t get in the habit of calling the river with weak hands.

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