Don’t Play Texas Holdem Distracted

Poker has been around for a long time and there is lots of information out there to read about the game. Online is relatively new and so there are some concepts that people didn’t have to deal with when playing in a brick and mortar game. One of my strongest urges when playing online is to be doing other things when I’am not in a hand. Now I believe that this is OK in moderation scaled to your skill level. If you are a good player and have been playing for a long time, many poker plays become second nature and the correct play is clearer. If your new to the game, may be good, but haven’t played the number of hands to make the game second nature, your going to want all the information you can get to make the most informed decision. Online every little pause a player makes gives information about their hand. If your watching a TV show or checking your email your going to miss some of these tips and your decisions will be lacking all available information. Remember poker is a game where the players who can acquire the most information usually make the most money.

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