Cup Holder Holes

Cutting the Cup Holder Holes

If you plan on having drop in cup holders you should place them evenly around the table. There are many different size holders so you are going to need to make sure you know the exact width of the bottom of the cup and the lip of the cup. For a nice finish it would work best to buy a circle saw for a drill the same diameter as the bottom of your cup holder. These run about $16 dollars and are well worth it for this project. If not you will need to use your saw again.

When determining where to put your cups make sure you allow for padding on your rail to cover some of your race track. also not to close to the playing surface that the lip of the holder touches the felt. we had 3″ cups and placed the center of the circle 3″ from the rail. 1 1/2″ of cup space, 1/4″ lip, 1 1/2″ to the playing surface. Mark all of one side first then use a square to make sure the others line up. Place the cups on top of your marks and make sure they look right.

If your using a circle saw just mark the middle and cut straight down. If your using the regular saw then you need to mark the middle use the string at a Length that is half the size of the bottom of the cup. Tape the surface of the hole and mark the circle again. Drill small holes again to insert the drill and slowly cut along the line. Too big will ruin the entire poker table so be very careful. You can always file and sand it larger to fit.

Once you have cut out all the holes sand out the inside edge for a extra nice finish later. Although people cant see this part most of the time, when you pop out the cup holders it will look much nicer with them finished off.

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