Rail Foam

Applying the Rail Foam

Depending on the types of foam you get will vary the next set of instructions. We used 2″ high density foam. It only came in 1yardX 2yards pieces. We then had to carefully cut them in as few places as possible to cover the rail. The creases are slightly visible through the Vinyl but the extra inch of padding seems to be well worth it. (Standard poker tables have more like 1/4 – 1″ of foam)

Take your foam and place it on the ground then lay the rail on top of the foam. When cutting your foam your going to want to make sure that it over laps the inside of the loop by 3/4″, just enough to fold over the inside and cover the wood. The outside you want to overlap about 1 1/2″. To cut the foam you want to make sure you have a straight edge left on your foam. Sharp scissors work so does a long razor blade. Make sure your not stretching the foam when you cut because it will make uneven cuts. You don’t need to round out the corners because the Vinyl will stretch it smooth.

Now trace the outline of the rail onto the foam and remove it. Spray the High Strength glue on both the foam and the rail and put it in place. Let that dry as the instructions on the can say.

Now depending on how thick you made your foam you may want to add another step here. If you have the 1″ foam you should be fine. If you have the 2″ foam you may have difficulty stretching the Vinyl over it and stapling it down. What we did, because our roll of Vinyl was not wide enough is we cut the overlap of foam on the outside in half. It was 1 1/2 inches so we made two sides each 3/4″. We then took the piece we just cut off and glued it to the side of the rail.

Do your best to make sure it is even with the foam above. it will over hang down a bit but that’s ok. Once it is dry you will cut that off. Make sure you use a good amount of glue on both the rail and the foam it it comes off later it will make uneven padding under the Vinyl You are going to find that each piece of foam that you cut is a little longer then you need just cut the ends to match up well with the next piece. Once again follow the glue instructions on drying time

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