Headliner Foam

Attaching the Headliner Foam to Playing Surface

When attaching the foam to the playing surface we first lay the roll of foam out on a flat and clean surface. We made a trace of the face down Veneer playing surface. We removed the Veneer to the side. Then with the spray glue covered the inside of the oval and the top of the playing surface. Give it a few seconds before attaching the two so that the glue has time to get tacky. Its a good idea to place one edge down first and make sure it smoothly falls onto the headliner. Allow that to dry.

Once dry you can take a pair of scissors and cut around the edge of the wood. If you have only very little space between your playing surface and headliner you should cut it flush to the wood. If you were able to make a small gap you should overlap the foam by about 1/16″.

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