Free How To Build A Poker Table Plan

Build your own poker table today with instructions and free plan. These instructions will include the materials and tools you need for your custom poker table. These Plans and Materials can be adjusted to fit your needs. These instructions are on how to build a sturdy poker table that can hold up to the abuse of late night poker games.

The entire poker table plan from start to finished table took about a week. This allows plenty of time for glue and polyurethane to dry between layers. But taking your time and following the instructions makes the table come out real nice in the end.

How to Build a Custom Poker TableFree Poker Table Plan:

Building The Poker Table and Rail
Cutting the rail lip and building the rail
Cutting the Veneer race track and playing surface
Building the Veneer Race Track
Securing the Rail and Playing surface to the Poker table
Cutting the Cup Holder Holes
Stabilizing the Table and Legs
Finishing edges and surfaces
Attaching the Headliner Foam to Playing Surface
Stain and Polyurethane
Applying the Rail Foam
Applying the Rail Vinyl
Finishing the Playing Surface

Table Materials:

Hardware Store:

How to build a Poker Table2 – 3/4″ 4X8 Plywood ( Cheapest sheet that is FLAT! no warp, no press board)
1 – 1/4″ 4X8 Veneer ( FLAT! )
2 – 5-6′ support beams ( “L” rod, Square Rod, “I” rod ) No bigger then 1 1/2″
6 – Nuts and
6 – Flat Head Bolts Length should be ( Width of board + Width of support rod) About 1″ long
16 – Tee Nuts (8/32 or 10/32 works best )
16 – Washers ( Same size as above )
8 – Bolts 1 3/4″ long ( Same size as above )
8 – Bolts 1″ long ( Same size as above )
8 – 1 1/2″ flat top wood screws
Legs (Either 2 fold up legs or 4 stiff legs with straight brackets and screws)
Tack Cloth
Wood Stain ( Optional )
Sand Paper (120) and (400 ) Grit
Foam Paint Brush (1-2″ tip) (1-3″ tip)
Wood Glue
High strength spray glue
Blue Painters Tape
Staples ( Lots ) 1/4″ and 3/4″
8-10 Cup Holders

Fabric Store:

Build Your Own Poker TableHigh Density Foam, Either One roll 54″X102″ or 2 – 24″X
Headliner Foam 3/4″ 3 yards
Vinyl 3 yards
Playing Cloth 3 yards ( High quality felt, Velveteen, Pool table felt, Specialised Poker Table Felt)

Other Tools Needed:

Screw Driver
Pencil / Black Marker
3 feet of string
Circle saw same size as bottom of cup (optional)

Building Plan Tips:

Free Build Poker Table PlanYour fabrics tend to collect dirt and dust very easily and can be very difficult to clean, especially sawdust. Resist the urge as you go along and store them in a clean place till the construction is done.

When choosing legs if you pick wooden table legs make sure they are of similar color wood as the Veneer so that they match. Stain can be applied so its not that important.

You may want to store your polyurethane on its side so that what has settled to the bottom has a chance to move before you use it.

Plan each part of the table carefully. Measure twice cut once, mistakes cost money.

This is just one way of how to build a custom poker table. There are many variations that can be made along the way. Feel free to make customisation so your table fits you best.

Finished Table:

Build Texas Holdem Poker TableThe finished poker table should look something close to these pictures. If you followed the free poker table plan and didn’t have any trouble with the instructions. the rail and playing surface can just rest in place. This will allow for easy cleaning and lighter table to move. If you are going to store your table in a damp place or have any other reason the poker table might warp, then you will want to secure both down with the Tee nuts.

Build Poker Table InstructionsPoker Table Side View