Veneer Race Track

Building the Veneer race track

Please read the Poker Table Instructions all the way through once before you begin with the planning.

For ease and finishing purposes now is the easiest time to sand the inner side of your race track nice and smooth. Do not round off the bottom edge. You don’t need to sand the outer side or the edge of the playing surface at all.

Match the Veneer back up to the poker table and draw a trace of the inside circle. Remove the Veneer, then cover the needed area with a large amount of wood glue. You want it to ooze out of the edges so that it gets a solid contact all around. Wipe off excess. Hint: It will ooze and drip, make sure the floor is safe. Once you put the Veneer and poker table together, take the inside part of plywood #1 (currently scrap) place it on top of both and clamp all three together with as many clamps as possible, if you can put weight in the middle it would also be good. this will protect the surface from the clamps. MAKE SURE THERE IS NO EXCESS GLUE THAT WILL GLUE ALL THREE TOGETHER! Let that dry over night.

Once dry, take a sander and even off the outside edge of the Veneer and poker table. Put the railing on top to make sure of a easy fit. If something is tight sand it off a little more.

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