Rail Lip

Cutting the Rail Lip and Building the Rail

Please read the Poker Table Instructions all the way through once before you begin with the planning.

Now on plywood #2 which is now the table, we are going to cut a 2″ ring off the out side and glue it to the rail so the rail will fit perfectly on the table. This will prevent sliding and make a nice side with padding.

To do this you can either find the middle of the table again and create an arc, or you can take a right angle straight edge and set it to 2″. Then place your pencil at the end and slide it around the edge of the poker table. Check it to make sure its not off by a lot anywhere but it will not be seen, so close is good enough. To cut this your going to want to use the same method as the rail. Use a drill bit the WIDTH of the drill and drill small holes along the line. Before cutting again mark top, right and left on the outer ring. Now make your cut and remove the outer ring of the poker table. It would be a good time to sand out the inside of the rail lip just to take out any jagged edges. Don’t round out the the corners yet.

Next part of the plan is to attach the lip to the top of the rail. Use the labels you made and make sure that the to fit together nicely. There will probably be a few differences but these can be fixed later. Take your 8 1 1/2″ flat top wood screws and drill small holes around the top of the rail and into the lip careful not to go all the way through, and counter sink them so they are flush to the wood. Also keep them at least 1 inch away from the edge of the table.

You should put the first two in part way just to make sure the rail does not shift for the rest of them. Take your wood glue and using a large amount of glue coat the top of the lip and then clamp it together to the top of the rail. Screw your screws in tight. Wipe off the excess glue then let dry over night.

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