Rail Vinyl

Applying the Rail Vinyl

Next part of the plan is to stretch the Vinyl over the foam. This works best with a partner if one is available. Lay out the Vinyl on the ground face down and place the poker rail foam side down on top of it. Start at one end of a circle and fold the outside middle down to the rail and staple it down. It works best if you kneel on the rail to squash the foam down, just make sure you use the same pressure all the way around the table.

After you have made your first staple in the middle, pull the Vinyl over like before but pull it toward the other staple just a little. This will create just a small wrinkle. Make sure nothing shows on the side. Take your time around the corner. We used lots of staples, and pulled little wrinkles with each one. This way you make up for the corners little at a time. Do each outside end first, but stop about 3 inches before the end of each arc.

Once you have finished the outside of each circle you need to find the centre points again. From that point you will need to draw lines out to the rail. Like slices of pie. Make sure your lines stop about 3″ before you get to the padding, then cut along those lines. This will allow you to cover the padding. Make sure you don’t cut to far you don’t want any slits to show, you can always cut more later.

Also cut down the centre of the table from one centre point to the other. Starting from the middle again, pull it straight over while you are squashing the rail and staple it down. Continue with all other slices making sure you are pulling back toward the first staple on each one to make up for the corner. slack.

Once you have finished each arc, you can start on your sides. Begin with the outside and work your way down. Then do the inside, make sure you stretch the same amount all the way around the table or you will have uneven foam under the Vinyl Lots of staples makes for a smooth finish. If you use to few you will end up having points that pull and loose spots. Make sure all your staples are nice and flush to the wood. Use a hammer later if you need to or pull any bad ones out. They will be resting on your Race Track and can scratch the finish.

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