Surface Finish

Stain and Polyurethane

This part of the poker table plan should be done in a well ventilated area, but not outside. Garage works well. Before you begin to stain or polyurethane you need to make sure all your edges are nice and smooth. If you have already sanded everything down take a damp cloth and wipe down the entire surface. Remove all the dust from the race track and centre of the table if possible. Once that is done take a piece of the tack cloth and go over the race track again. Any dust left behind will cause bumps. If you have just vacuumed you may want to give the room a few minutes for the dust to settle.

Once the surface is clean you can stain to the color you want. If you don’t plan on using any stain you can start to polyurethane Make sure you follow the instructions closely. You don’t want to create air bubbles either on the table or in the can. Don’t shake it, but stir it slowly to mix up the bottom and side of the can. The best way to stain the table is to do the first coat as a once over type of coat.

No matter how much you put on its going to soak into the wood and seal it. Any small bubbles you can sand out after it dry’s. For dry time follow the instructions. Make sure its nice and hard not just dry to the touch. We put 9 layers on our table, and allowing 5 hours to dry in between each layer. So this part of the poker table plan are likely to take you to the end of your project. While its drying you can also work on the next two parts of instructions.

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