Building The Poker Table Railing

Please read the Poker Table Instructions all the way through once before you begin with the planning.

For explanation purposes 4X8 plywood sheet #1 will be the Rail, and #2 will be the poker table. Neither of these will be visible on the finish product so all lines will be hidden by the Veneer race track and playing surface.

First you must find the two central points of your half circle table ends. Measure the width of the table ( Its not always 4′ ) Divide it in half. That number should be very close to 24″ Measure in from each side of the table that distance. We are going to use 24″ because that’s close to what it should be. After measuring in 24″ from all 4 sides and making lines across the table you should find the central of your table ending arcs. Hammer a small nail or thumb tack into each of the two central points. Leave enough up to attach a string to the tip and still be secure, but not through the table.

Now you create two arcs the same radius you had measured into the middle of the poker table (24″) You can do it other ways but we did it like this: First we took a pencil and made a small notch in the very bottom near the tip, just enough to hold string and will not slide, closer to the tip the better. Take your string and tie one end to one nail with a loop that can be taken off without changing the size of the loop, nothing that slips when you pull on the string. Now take your pencil and pull the string to the close end of the table. Put your Pencil tip right on the edge of the table ( but still on ) and rap the string around the grooved tip and tie it at that Length This should allow you to make a half circle around the nail creating the end of the poker table. Un-loop the nail end of the string, keeping the same Length then copy the instructions on the other end of the table.

Using the lines created in previous instructions cut on the line creating the outside of your poker table railing. If you have any mistakes now is the time to make it nice and round. Label the top of the board (top) within 4″ of the edge, also Label each end either #1 and #2 or if you can tell the difference later, right and left.

To cut out the railing, you need to decide how thick you want it to be, we made ours 4″. Using the same pencil and string shorten the length by 4 inches. (should now be 20″ long) Measure 4″ in on the first lines you created when finding the centre of the table. When you pull the string attached to the nail, it should hit all three of these points at each end of the table. Connect the end of each semicircle with a straight line. To cut this out you want to make a starter hole for your saw blade. For the best look make sure that the drill bit is only slightly larger then the WIDTH of the saw blade. Make several holes along the line so that you can fit the saw blade through. Cut along the line to create the railing. Make sure that your “Top” “#1” “#2” labels are still there.

Take sheet two of plywood and in the middle Label it top and point to side #1 and side #2. Now put your cut board #1 (the rail), (with the top facing up and labelled sides the same), evenly on top of the other 4×8 sheet of plywood #2. Trace the outline onto the other sheet so that they are a perfect outside match. Cut out your other sheet to match your first.

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