Rail and Table surface Tee Nuts

Securing the Rail and Playing surface to the Poker table

Next part of the poker table plan is to insert the Tee nuts so later you can secure the rail and centre playing surface to the table. Place the rail on the table Mark off the 8 spots you want your 1 3/4″ bolts. Make sure they are going into the table not the rail lip. Then drill holes for your bolts. Hammer your Tee nuts in and make sure the first two bolts go through before doing the rest. This will make sure they all line up later.

Now is a good time to sand off the outside edge of the playing surface. Depending on how much space you already have between the race track and the inner circle, sand it down to give about a 1/16 gap all the way around. Then follow the same set of instructions listed above when placing the 8 – 1″ bolts and tee nuts. Make sure there is equal space around the outer edge and nothing is to tight as not to let the felt rap under. Place one Tee nut at each end to avoid warping later and try to keep them about 3″ from the edge. Closer might crack the wood, to far won’t do the job.

Secure every thing down to make sure it fits clean. use washers with the bolts so that they don’t come through the top. If they still pop up cut them where needed. Remove all bolts and washers and put them in a bag for safe keeping.

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