5 Card Stud Poker Rules

5 card stud poker is played with 2-8 players. It is a five card game with three cards face down and two face up. Each player plays their own cards to make the best poker hand. For a list of what is the best poker hand review the hand ranking chart. If you know your poker hands read on for how to play 5 card stud.

5 Card Stud Rules start with the collection of an ante from each player. This builds a small pot to create action. Each player then receives three cards, two face down and one face up. The player with the worst hand is forced to bring in with a minimum forced bet, or make a larger bet if they want. This starts off the action of the hand. Players then act in turn in a clockwise motion starting at the forced bet. Players can either fold, call or raise. This round is called 3rd street.

4th street is the fourth card each player receives. These cards are face up on the table and the action now starts with the best visible hand. The player is not forced to bet, so they can check or bet. They don’t need to fold because there has been no action in front of them. In limit five card stud rules the first two rounds of betting are the smaller of the predetermined amount and 5th street is twice that amount. You can also play with a spread structure that allows players to bet within a range; $1-$5.

5th street is also sometimes called the river card. This card is face down to each player. The action starts with the same player as on 4th street. If there is betting action and a called hand the player who last bet is forced to show their hand first. Any player with a better hand must then show their hand after to claim the pot. If a players hand is not better they are not forced to show their hand. The best poker hand on the hand ranking chart is the winner of the hand.