Chinese Poker Rules

Chinese Poker Rules follow standard poker hand ranking but have a very different structure. There are four players playing and each player is dealt 13 cards. The goal is to make three poker hands, 3 card hand, 5 card hand, and 5 card hand. The bottom 5 card hand must be better then the middle hand and both must be better then the 3 card hand. Special bonus amounts are given for special hands in the correct spots. Over all the winning hand in each spot is paid by the losing hand in that position. Lots of money is tossed around at this game but it depends on what amount you decide is the standard bet. This game can be a little complex to learn especially if you have no poker experience.

Here are the Basics of Chinese Poker Rules step by step. First the four players in the game determine how much one point is worth in a dollar value. For each point or bet they win that’s the amount they will be paid or pay.

Each player is then dealt 13 cards. There is no betting rounds like many other forms of poker, chinese poker you are paid by the strategy of your setup. You are to set up three poker hands; 3 card top hand, 5 card middle hand, and 5 card bottom hand. The bottom hand must be better then the middle 5 card hand and they both must be better then the top 3 card hand. This is sometimes called good, better, best. Now because each hand must lose to the hand below during setup, players receive bonuses if they can place a good hand in the above positions.

The standard Chinese Poker payout structure is that the best hand in each position is paid by the worst hand in that position. The value is one bet unless a bonus hand is in the correct place. If a player sets up their hand incorrectly and a hand below cant beat a hand above the rule is the player is forced to pay out all bets.

Chinese Poker Bonuses are paid if a player can win the front hand with three of a kind. The below hands must still beat this hand. They then are paid 3 points instead on 1. A bonus is paid on the middle hand if a player can win the hand with a full house and still have a better hand in the bottom hand. This bonus is 2 points instead of 1. If you can win either the middle or back hand with a 4 of a kind a player is paid 4 points from the losing hand. The final Chinese poker bonus is a straight flush. If a player wins with a straight flush in either middle or bottom spots they are paid 5 points.