Pineapple Poker Rules

Pineapple Poker rules are very close to Texas holdem, except you start with three cards and drop one after the flop. It can be played with up to 10 players. Pineapple poker is a community card game with five cards placed in the middle of the table. Players use their face down hole cards to improve the flop with four rounds of betting. Its a great twist to Texas Holdem with a much higher standard of winning hands.

There are two types of Pineapple poker rules; Crazy Pineapple and straight Pineapple. The only difference between the two poker games is when you drop your discard. In crazy Pineapple you drop your card after the flop is revealed and the betting round is complete. In Regular Pineapple you discard your hand after the first round of betting and before the flop.

The construction of the game is built around several rounds of betting. If a player wishes to see more cards they must call other players bets. In Texas holdem, instead of every player putting in an ante every turn, two players ante for everyone. These players rotate around the table in a clockwise motion, called the Big Blind and the Small Blind. The Small Blind is always directly to the left of the Dealer and big blind left of that. If the person dealing is not changing every hand, such as in casino games, the dealer is marked by a dealer button (puck like disk) instead of the deck of cards.

Before the hand is dealt to make sure there is action in the game (money) the big blind and small blind are forced to put in their “blind” bets. Anyone who wants to play after their first two cards will be forced to call the big blind bet. Once the blinds are up the dealer deals clockwise one card at a time. The first two cards are face down and are considered each players hole cards. The first round of betting starts to the left of the big blind, because the person left of the button has already acted with a small blind bet and so has the big blind bet. Every round after will begin with the person directly to the left of the button. In limit Texas holdem you must bet and raise in increments of the big blind. If the big blind is 2 the next person can raise (2bet + 2raise) then re-raise (2bet + 2raise + 2re-raise). In no limit Pineapple a player can bet the min of the big blind to a max of what they have for chips. In pot limit Pineapple a player can bet up to the amount of money in the pot after all bets are called.

After the first round of betting has completed, the dealer then deals three community cards in the middle of the table called the ” Flop “. Any player can use any combination of their cards and the community cards to make the best 5 card poker hand. After the flop is dealt the player left of the dealer starts the action with either a check or a bet. There is no need to fold because nobody has bet yet. If all players check move on to the next round. After all action is complete on the flop each player must then drop one of their three hole cards. Its crazy pineapple poker because sometimes your best play is to drop what is currently the winning hand to draw for something better.

The ” Turn Card ” is the fourth card on the flop. After this card is dealt the third round of betting takes place. In Limit Pineapple this round of betting is twice the first two rounds. If the big blind is 2 then the turn bet would be min of 4.

The final round is called the ” River Card ” or fifth card on the flop. The last round of betting takes place and if the hand is called the last bettor then shows their hand first. Anyone who can beat their hand shows their hand next. You can check out the poker hand chart If there is confusion on what the order is.