Don’t Play Texas Holdem Distracted

Poker has been around for a long time and there is lots of information out there to read about the game. Online is relatively new and so there are some concepts that people didn’t have to deal with when playing in a brick and mortar game. One of my strongest urges when playing online is to be doing other things when I’am not in a hand. Now I believe that this is OK in moderation scaled to your skill level. If you are a good player and have been playing for a long time, many poker plays become second nature and the correct play is clearer. If your new to the game, may be good, but haven’t played the number of hands to make the game second nature, your going to want all the information you can get to make the most informed decision. Online every little pause a player makes gives information about their hand. If your watching a TV show or checking your email your going to miss some of these tips and your decisions will be lacking all available information. Remember poker is a game where the players who can acquire the most information usually make the most money.

Beginner Texas Holdem Strategy

If you want to sum up what cards to play in beginner texas holdem its very simple. To stay out of trouble before the flop don’t play any cards below 10. You may play any small pair but only if one person in the pot in front of you. The third thing is don’t worry about the suit of your cards until the flop. A2 suited is NOT a good hand. If your able to follow these rules your going to fold a few winners but your also going to fold a lot of losers. YOU WILL BE A WINNER IN THE LONG RUN.

Rules of Texas Holdem

The Holdem table is set up with up to ten players. On a table you will see a puck like button, which is called the dealer button. This is to determine whose turn it is to ante. In holdem the ante is split each hand by two players called the big blind ante and the small blind ante. The small blind is directly to the left of the player with the dealer button, and the large blind ante is left of that. If a player wishes to join the game they must post their ante at least once, either by waiting for the big blind to come around to them (The Natural Blind) or if they wish they may post a big blind at any time to join the game. There are a few types of holdem. The rules of the game are the same but the betting structures are different. These are Limit Holdem, Pot-Limit Holdem or No-Limit Holdem. In a pot-limit or no-limit game the blinds are both the same. But in a Limit game the small blind is 1/2 the big blind. Each player is dealt two cards face down starting with the small blind and ending with the dealer. The first round of betting then starts with the person left of the big blind ante. They must either call the large blind or raise it. This will continue around until everyone has called every bet. The top card of the deck is then put face down (called the burn card) and the next three are face up in the middle of the table to be used by all as community cards. The betting round from then on begins with the small blind. This time a player may either check (Not bet, but not fold ) if there isn’t a previous bet, or bet. Before each card on the board (community cards in the middle) a burn card will be dealt and following the flop is the Turn (Fourth card on the board) and River (Fifth card on the board). After each card is dealt there is another round of betting, a total of 4 rounds.

Betting amounts in holdem is pre-determined in a limit game with the first two rounds of betting the same, and the second two rounds of betting are twice that of the first. An example is 5-10 holdem would be $5 – $5 – $10 – $10. In a pot-limit game a player can bet from the size of the big blind up to the value of all the chips in the pot, as long as you have that value in front of you. During a no-limit game the betting is only limited by the number of chips in front of you.