Before you Start

The first thing that you are going to want to do before you even sit at a Texas holdem table is to get some type of pad or note book that you will use to track your play and things that you learn and don’t want to forget. This is one of the single most important things a player can do to improve his/her game and make more money. It will not only help you find out what you need to learn and when you have problems it will help you correct them quickly. EVERY pro keeps track of their play. But don’t cheat, keep track of everything and be honest.

You are going to want to write down the current date, when you start, when you finish and the outcome of your cash. Once you have enough information you can track your stats and analyse the information. Also if you win a lot of money and ever get audited by the government you need these records to get out of trouble. But mostly it’s for self-improvement.

Serious players should also invest in a number of Books. The amount of information out there and the number of concepts needed to be a good player wont fit on this web page but I will try to touch on as many as I can. The price of each book will quickly be made up in the improvement in your game. If you are a complete beginner to the game and need to learn the Rules of Poker you should do that first. You can also find a list of poker terms in our Poker Dictionary if you need to look something up later.