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    – In celebration of the re-launch of Bonuskey, we have been looking for some new promotional ideas. Along with our mailing list for poker promotion codes we are going to begin to setup freeroll tournaments at all of the websites with a password to get in. We will post the password on the website so that we get people to come back to us. We will use the Bonuskey mailing list to tell players when these tournaments will be running. We will Mail our VIP members both the password and the starting times. We will allow you to sign up with up to three email accounts. Don’t tell the password to people who are not members of Bonuskey. Members found posting passwords in the chat box may be removed or blocked from future promotions. If that’s not enough there is more.

    – We also plan free promotion gifts so we can give out prizes like free poker books, free poker chips, and other free poker items we hope will be useful for online poker players. Winners for these prizes will be selected from the email list. If anyone has a request or a suggestion they can email it to us at ” request @ bonuskey . com ” NO SPACES (keeps robots from sending us emails) Any idea is welcome, we built this site as poker players trying to get other poker players the best deals possible.

    – So here it is, SIGN-UP NOW and you will be registered for the BONUSKEY.com mailing list. Anytime a new bonus code or an updated bonus reload code comes out we will tell you about it. Bonus key will begin giving away free poker prizes using the mailing list as your ticket and third you will be given the time, location and password for freerolls with a limited number of Bonuskey visitors.

    – Our first FREE POKER PRIZE we will be giving away is a FREE POKER BOOK of Texas holdem. One of the best poker books out there, “Hold’em Poker – for advanced players”. If nobody claims the prize we will run it again. The next free poker prize will be a free set of poker chips. FREE POKER CHIPS will be great for any player. The FREE POKER CHIPS will be a HI QUALITY POKER CHIP SET!