Poker Hand Tracker Software

Poker tracking software is extremely useful software. Its like walking into any game and already knowing everyone’s tells, and on top of that they need to play with you a few hands to figure out your play. So your one step ahead of the game. If they already have a poker tracking software program and you don’t, your one step behind.

Its also really easy to use. Hand tracking software does it all for you automatically. All you need to do is click run. It then scans for your files and puts all the data into its database. You have no daily entry’s to make just one push of the button and the poker tracking software will do it all.

Another great option for poker tracking software is that it can shadow a game. This means that you can it track games that your not playing in when your not around to increase the amount of data. The more data your able to collect the more accurate you will be able to predict a persons play. Programs like Poker Tracker not only help you figure out how others are playing, but it also is great for improving your own game.

The poker tracking software logs every poker hand you ever play and how you played it. After you have used the tracking software for a few thousand hands you will be able to look at each individual hand and see how much money you have made. Then look at a hand like A-8 you might be surprised to find that A-8 for you in any position has been a big loser. The poker hand tracking software will show you how much money you would have saved if you never played that hand. With this tracker program you wont be able to cheat writing anything down, so you will know all your stats will be correct.

Poker tracking software will also tell you if your a winning player or a losing player. If anyone is yelling at you for losing a few hundred in a day all you need to do is show them the poker tracking software and say “See I’m up $XXXX playing poker, even with that loss.” You can also tell your self this and keep from going on tilt or losing your confidence.

On the other side hand tracking software will also tell you when its time to quit. If you find that your losing day after day the poker tracker program is going to tell you your mistakes, like what percentage of hands your playing and how often you call the river when losing. If you can’t find your mistakes and fix them you’ll need to make a decision. Poker is entertainment so how much is that entertainment worth. If poker tracking software says that’s its more than your willing to pay then you should quit. If you need help quitting go to Gamblers Anonymous.

Tracking poker is very important. Every pro tracks their games and status in their own way. When you go on a cold streak you can compare your current (losing) play with what your poker tracking software stats were when you were winning. Then try to correct your mistakes.

Many software packages are good and offer a free trial period. You should download one or two and try them out. My favourite and probably the most effective is Poker Tracker. It can do more things that you can imagine. Download at least one poker tracking program now it WILL improve your game!